Come and celebrate a different stag do in Spain. Logroño La Rioja.

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You and your friends live in UK and want to celebrate a different stag do in Spain?

We are waiting for you!

Our stag/hen parties always have new and funny things for English-speaking people.

If you have to organise a stag or hen party just check our all inclusive packages. Send us an email to and see how we organise a stag/ hen party in Spain.
As you can see in this video we have several groups of stag and hen parties; we call them ‘mixed parties’:

The Waka Waka Stag Party

You can dance and meet boys and girls –the groom and bride`s friends- so that you can make new Spanish friends, and of course get a date!

We are waiting for you!

Our Video Stripper Girls in Spain:

We are waiting for you!

Our Video Stripper Boys «El Zorro» in Spain:

It’s better than a disco as you can make your own party: put on fancy dresses, jump for joy, free bar, and meet the boy or girl you like.

All English boys and girls want our stag and hen parties in Spain because they can meet people like you.

See how they have fun in this stag nights video in Logroño, Spain, where all participated in a fancy dress party.

Stag do in Spain Video: «Pitufo Dance»

Also our packages include visits to wineries and wine tasting so you can have the greatest time with your friends.

See our visits to wineries in Logroño La Rioja, Spain:

Come to Logroño, Spain and have a different stag do.

We are waiting for you!

Contact us:

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